" Param Adhyatmik Khadg " -  Param Pavitra Symbol of Param Dharam




Welcome to the great culture of “Param Dharm”. A culture which is rooted on the strong foundation of service, love and sacrifice. A civilization which, instead of trying to conquer nature, is growing up in its protection. A society, in which, every individual feels completely safe. Everyone always looks forward to help others.

People are generous for all beings. They have no physical or mental disorders. They all are prosperous. They live a great moral life and are committed to Parmatma and Dharm

Contact Us :
Contact Person : Sant Piyush Kumar Yogi-Samanvayak
Address : Vishisht Dhyan Yog Ashram,
248, Tedhi Bazaar, Ayodhya, Faizabad, uttar Pradesh, India
Contact No. : 09305619505 , 08090562875
Fax No. : 05278234038
Email ID : contact@paramdharm.org




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